Dear Writer,

I take exception to your characterization of mask wearers, including the adjectives in your article “fear, shame, defeat, victim, conditioned and anger”.  

Using your own words, we have never met and you do not know me.  I am not some “snowflake, far-left, whack job”, and would be willing to put my education and work ethic as a heavy equipment operator on a mine site against anyone who says differently.   

I love the freedom we have in the US, and would not choose to live anywhere else in the world.  

I also chose to wear a mask (especially in the early days of the pandemic) based on the best information we had…to protect myself and those around me, especially the compromised and elderly.  

I would be curious to know where this country would be if you had been in charge of government “health” mandates back when polio, smallpox, measles and mumps were running rampant.  No doubt, they would still be plaguing us.  

And yes, there will be more viruses and disease that come our way in the future, and I will listen to people who are a lot more knowledgeable than me (or you) to determine how we can best handle it. 

 I am proud of how the majority of people in this country came together to get the vulnerable protected.   

Whether it was the companies that produced the vaccines in record time or the multitudes of people that took their elderly parents to get the vaccine, or the scores of volunteers that spent their own time and money-making masks for the community.  

To me, you are the angry “victim” of misinformation and a false sense of entitlement to “freedom” without consideration to the work and cooperation it takes to maintain that freedom for everyone.  

Lynne Schaubert