During the last difficult months, most of us have become aware of the many folks that we owe so much to. the people who have protected us, healed us, comforted us, and were there to keep us safe. 

However, one group of people who are always there for us 24/7 we tend to overlook.

Our local RPEN group toured the dispatch center here in Winnemucca. We were amazed by the way these people somehow manage to juggle 911 calls for police, ambulance, fire, search and rescue, cats in trees, lost dogs and the list goes on and on.

Cami Durick was our guide and took us on a tour of the room where the dispatchers’ stations are. They have large screens. streaming videos, cameras and maps. 

They need to respond immediately and direct help to the right street address or out in the county to the correct large rock and sagebrush plant.

They need to be able to talk a caller through baby delivery, CPR, bleeding injuries. They are the lifeline for people in trouble who are scared, panicked, and emotionally desperate.

Our tour continued with Rick Grantham. He took us through the heart of the dispatch center. The power that keeps it going. It was hard to imagine that so many strands of colored wire could actually be organized. 

This tour was a real eye opener. I am writing this letter to not only thank these people for opening the center to us, but also to remind the residents of Humboldt County how absolutely blessed we are to have such a modern, efficient dispatch.

Staffed by dedicated individuals ready to be there for us all - day or night, rain or shine, good times and bad.

Many thanks to you all.

Karen Rogers

President RPEN