On the morning of December 15th at mile marker #157 just west of Winnemucca my vehicle was struck by a semi, my head hit the side window giving me a concussion and the semi was tipped over. 

I would like to thank the following people for helping me through the worst day of my life: the NHP trooper that held my hand through the window letting me know he would help me, and I would be ok, the two paramedics that were trying to attend to several crashes, the trooper that drove me to Winnemucca and the hospital staff. A lady named Ryann – when I was cold lost and confused trying to find the train station you gave me a ride, held my hand while I cried and gave me your phone number, you helped me more then you will ever know. The man named Sean that printed my train ticket out for me. When the cold at the Amtrak station was just too much I went to the “Martin” to escape the cold and wait for the train, I want to thank EVERYONE at the Martin: Buddy – I owe you a hot chocolate, the Veterans that were having their Christmas party and informed the staff to get me whatever I needed and they would take care of the tab, obviously you are still serving the people of this country, you all are amazing! The couple that gave me a ride to Winners when I found out the train was going to be delayed due to the weather, the patience and kindness of the entire staff at Winners, thank you for the use of the phone charger too. 

All I have to say about the one night I spent in Winnemucca is thank you, you are amazing people, and God bless the people of Winnemucca, Nevada! 

Lani Verlene