Oct. 9

Hawaiian burger, lettuce, mixed fruit, baked beans, fruit cocktail cake

Oct. 10

Egg rolls, broccoli, Mandarins, fried rice, Chinese almond cookie, egg drop soup

Oct. 11

Taco quesadilla, tropical fruit, ranch beans, Pina Colada pudding

Oct. 14

Garlic roasted chicken, peas and pearl onions, pineapple chunks, diced potatoes, shortbread

Oct. 15

Beef stew, salad with pears and feta, prunes, biscuit, iced pumpkin cookie

Oct. 16

Meatball sub, split pea soup, cucumbers, orange, potato wedges, butterscotch chip cookie

Oct. 17

Birthday day

Ham dinner, Malibu blend, applesauce, scalloped potatoes, Texas sheet cake

Oct. 18

Fish and chips, Brussel sprouts, fruit quarters, french fries, pumpkin snickerdoodle