The Nevada High School Rodeo Association resumes its season with the start of the spring schedule in Pahrump on Feb. 18-19.

Humboldt County’s Billy DeLong took home the top spot in the saddle bronc, winning both performances and was the only rider to have two successful runs. 

He scored 73 points in the first performance and 67 in the second.

DeLong placed second in the tie-down roping average with a time of 39.120. He had runs of 22.480 and 16.640. 

He placed fourth in the average in steer wrestling at 25.560 seconds. He tied for third in the opening performance at 18.370 and was third in the second at 7.19.

He was seventh in boys cutting with 134 points.

Humboldt County’s Matti DeLong collected a runner-up finish in girls cutting with 141.5 points. She was second in each performance with 69 and 72.4 points, respectively. In addition, DeLong was 20th in barrel racing.

DeLong placed 11th in goat trying, with a combined time of 21.830 and Brynn Barto placed 14th in goat tying.

Barto and Eureka’s Scarlett Buchanan were fourth in team roping with a time of 34.160 and Barto placed 12th in barrel racing with runs of 18.954 and 18.240.

Battle Mountain’s Italy Jo Holman won the barrel racing average on the weekend with a time of 35.471.

She led the way in the first performance at 17.736 and was the runner-up in the second performance with a time of 17.735. Holman placed third in pole bending with an average time of 46.602.

She won the first performance with a time of 20.731, which was the quickest run of the weekend. She was eighth in girls cutting with 127 points,

Desi Coombs and Amelia Lancaster were 12th and 13th in breakaway roping for the Battle Mountain Club. 

Lancaster added a runner-up finish in pole bending at 43.253. She had top five runs of 21.800 and 21.453. She claimed a fourth-place finish in girls cutting with 132 points.

Eli Lancaster placed fourth in boys cutting with 139 points and he was second in the second performance with 72 points. 

Junior high 


At the junior high level, Louise DeLong placed eighth in barrel racing, Landry Meiman was 10th, Huntley Byrd 14th and Jorja Mashburn 15th. Bryce Fears placed third in the boys breakaway average and Logan Lancaster and Wyatt Thomas were sixth and seventh, respectively.

Bryce Fears was third in boys goat tying, Lane Byrd eight and Wyatt Thomas 12th. Logan Marshall finished sixth in chute dogging and Huntley Byrd placed sixth in girls breakaway roping.

Jorja Mashburn paced the field in girls goat tying with a time of 22.050, with Landry Meiman, Louise DeLong and Huntley Byrd placing 13th, 14th and 15th, respectively.   

Humboldt County’s Huntley Byrd led the way in pole bending with a time of 43.056, which included winning the second performance at 21.270. Landry Meiman and Louise DeLong were ninth and 12th in pole bending.

Louise DeLong and Eureka’s Henry Buchanan were third in ribbon roping and Lane Byrd and Jorja Mashburn were fourth in ribbon roping. Logan Marshall and Elko’s Kylie Velasco were eighth in ribbon roping.

Lane Byrd and Logan Marshall were third and fourth in tie-down roping.

Bryce Fears, Logan Lancaster and Jorja Mashburn earned top-10 finishes in team roping. 

The next stop on the schedule is this weekend in Las Vegas. The clubs return to Northern Nevada on March 24-26 in Fernley. 

Humboldt County hosts its rodeo on May 5-7 at the Winnemucca Event Center. 

The state final for junior high and high school will take place May 24-29 in Winnemucca.