The National High School Finals may have ended just over a month ago, but a new season for the Nevada High School Rodeo Association got under way Aug. 27-28 with the Carson/Douglas rodeo.

Emma Garijo, who finishes second at the national finals in pole bending in July, picked up where she left off and won the average in the event with a time of 41.733 seconds. 

She won the first performance with a time of 20.974 and was the runner-up in the second performance at 20.759.

Garijo placed ninth barrel racing, which included a second-place finish in the second performance at 18.632. 

She did not have a time in the first performance. Garijo and Elko’s Brock Feyder were ninth in team roping.

Matti DeLong led the way in the barrel racing average at 37.623, beating out Tonopah’s Cianna Metzger (37.683). DeLong was second in the first performance with a time of 18.717 and eighth in the final performance at 18.906.

She tied for first in girls cutting with teammate Ashley Rookstool with 142 points. DeLong finished third in the average in breakaway roping at 8.74 on the strength of two sixth-place finishes. 

She had times of 3.71 and 5.03. DeLong claimed a third-place finish in goat tying with an average of 19.790. 

DeLong and Battle Mountain’s Desi Coombs earned a top=10 finish in team roping and DeLong was 20th in pole bending.

Brynn Barto won the second performance of barrel racing in a time of18.452 and placed fifth in the average. Barto finished ninth in the breakaway average, with completed run of 3.95 seconds. Barto placed 10th in pole bending and 17th in goat tying.

Kayleigh Marshall was 18th in breakaway roping, Shailee Robison was 21st in breakaway roping and was Robison placed 26th in goat tying.

On the boys side, Humboldt County’s Billy DeLong and Cooper Hill ties for second in boys cutting with 142 points each. Hill was 18th in tie-down roping.

Battle Mountain Rodeo Club member Flint Schacht won the bull riding with a score of 88 points in the second performance. It was the only eight-second ride of the weekend.

Battle Mountain’s Hank Bunting was third in the steer wrestling average. 

He didn’t have a time in the first performance, but came back to place second in the final performance with a time of 8.37. Bunting was also third in tie-down roping at 20.360 with runs of 16.240 and 12.120. Bunting and Casey Johnson from Walker River were fifth in team roping.

Amelia Lancaster and Eli Lancaster took home the top spot in team roping with an average of 28.30.

The duo won the first performance as well, with a time of 6.90.

Amelia Lancaster placed fifth in the pole bending average at 44.205 and was 11th in breakaway roping. Eli Lancaster placed 14th in tie-down roping.

Italy Jo Holman earned a third-place finish in the girls cutting average with 138.5 points. She was eight in barrel racing, including a fourth-place finish in the second performance with a time of 18.741.  

Jolena Ayers finished 10th in barrel racing, while Desi Coombs was 15th. Coombs turned in a runner-up finish in pole bending at 42.699, She was fourth in breakaway roping with an average of 16.310. She was third in the first performance at 3.51. Ayers was 22nd in goat tying.

In the junior high rodeo, Humboldt County’s Huntley Byrd and Louise DeLong were second and third, respectively, in barrel racing, while Taylor Hill was ninth. 

Battle Mountain’s Landry Meiman placed seventh and Jorja Mashburn placed 17th. Huntley Byrd was second in girls breakaway roping. Mashburn placed ninth in girls goat tying and Taylor Hill was 12th.

Humboldt County’s Bryce Fears was second in boys breakaway and fifth in goat tying, while Lane Byrd placed fourth in boys goat tying. 

Battle Mountain’s Logan Lancaster won the boys breakaway roping average.

Huntley Byrd and Jorja Mashburn placed first and second in pole bending, Louise DeLong was fourth and Landry Meiman was 11th.

Bryce Fears and Jordyn Process were third in ribbon roping and Lane Byrd and Jorja Mashburn were sixth in ribbon roping.

Hazen Root won the rifle shoot and Logan Lancaster and Pete Mori were third in team roping. Louise DeLong and Quil Filippini were fifth in team roping. Lane Byrd was second in tie-down roping.

The association travels to Ely this weekend.