March 1

Andrew Louis Richey, age 28, of Winnemucca to Stephanie Munoz, age 28, of Winnemucca.

March 4

Wyatt Morgan Ginn, age 23, of Winnemucca to Makayla Marie King, age 25, of Winnemucca. 

March 8

Baillee Gabriella Swanson, age 21, of Winnemucca to Cody Frank Potter, age 21, of Winnemucca. 

March 15

Ismael Carrillo, age 40, of Winnemucca to Maribel Diaz, age 43, of Winnemucca

Justin Michael Bradeen, age 31, of Spring Creek to Sierra Dawn Smith, age 29, of Spring Creek

Rodney Eugene Brooks, age 52, of Winnemucca to Mary Kristine Haddock, age 48, of Winnemucca.

March 20

Travis L. Washabaugh, age 29, of Winnemucca to Demi May Gorley, age 28, of Winnemucca.

March 26

Randy Thomas Charles Nolan, age 33, of Winnemucca to Jennifer Katherine Milligan, age 30, of Winnemucca.

March 27

James Roy Clinton, age 48, of Winnemucca to Adrienne Marie Marin, age 40, of Winnemucca.