Our scene opens to a courtroom setting where the defendant is facing the judge.

Judge - “The next case coming before this court is the state versus Joe Jones.

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

Defendant - “Yes. I do”.

Judge - “You may refer to me as Your Honor”.

Defendant - “You may refer to me likewise”.

Judge - “Watch it! You’re on thin ice here. State your name for the record.”

Defendant - “Some people call me Joe Jones”

Judge - “Are you Joe Jones?”

Defendant - “No.”

Judge - “What? Who are you then?”

Defendant - “I’m me.”

Judge - “Explain yourself. Isn’t the name on your birth certificate Joseph Jones?”

Defendant - “Yes, but I’ve sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. I am not my name. I’m me, a sovereign free being. I’m not my fingerprints or my signature, my social security number or driver’s license number. Those are just identification symbols. I am not a symbol and those symbols are not me. My name is an identification label. It is not me.

You did not specify me, a free being, as the defendant. Therefore you have no jurisdiction over me.

Judge - “That will be enough of such nonsense. 

You are charged with multiple counts of failure to file timely income tax returns. How do you plead?”

Defendant - “I do not wish to enter a plea.”

Judge - “Listen mister we’re in a court of law here. This is a very serious procedure. I’ll ask you again. How do you plead?”.

Defendant - “I do not plea. I do not wish to grant you power and control. Without my entering a plea you have no jurisdiction over me.”

Judge - “You’re in my courtroom. I’m presiding and I’m in control here. Who do you think you are to question my authority?”

Defendant - “Me, a free being”.

Judge - “The state wishes to enter a plea of not guilty on your behalf.”

Defendant - “I do not accept that entry. The state is a fictitious entity. You are not the state. I have a constitutional right to face my accuser. That is the law and this is supposed to be a court of justice.”

Judge - I determine what is law here. You are showing extreme disrespect and are on the verge of being placed in contempt of court.”

Defendant - “I only speak the truth and I seek justice.”

Judge - In my courtroom we are dealing with the law. You are attempting to make a mockery out of the law and this institution.”

Defendant - “I merely seek justice.”

Judge - “What you’re trying to tell me here is absurd. You’re saying I have no lawful power and jurisdiction over you. You’re stating  you are separate and immune from this process and procedure. In other words you have a get out of jail free card. Is this so?”

Defendant - “Yes.”

Judge - “And if this were to be the case then everybody and anybody who comes before this court could claim the same reasoning. If we allowed this it would undermine and render our entire judicial system null and void.”

Defendant - “Yes.”

Judge - “There’s a name for this uncooperative attitude and behavior of yours. It’s called sedition. But that’s not what you’re charged with at this time.

Case dismissed. Get out of here.”

Defendant - “Very well. Good day”

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