As a former resident of the Winnemucca Indian Colony, I have closely followed the ongoing attempted evictions of residents from Indian Reservation lands and have some concerns about decisions recently made by the Tribal Council of the Winnemucca Indian Colony. I have attempted to contact the Tribal Council on numerous occasions to air my concerns about this matter, but have been unsuccessful.

In my opinion, the Tribal Council has gone out of their way to specifically target certain individuals and families through the guise of tribal affiliation and curbing criminal activity. The Tribal Council and Chairwoman Judy Rojo have expressed multiple times that those families do not have legal standing, because they are not members of the colony which is apparently a major deciding factor in who is allowed to stay. Concurrently, the Tribal Council has allowed a select few residents to remain on the Indian Reservation regardless of tribal affiliation or even past criminal history. Many of whom are currently enrolled and receive benefits from other Federally recognized tribes. If tribal membership is such a priority, why are these select individuals allowed to remain? Shouldn’t they also be included in the eviction process as well? What is the selection criteria based upon? It’s clearly not 100 percent based on tribal affiliation as previously claimed otherwise these blatant exceptions would not have been made.

This administration has repeatedly expressed concerns about keeping the “peace and harmony” of the colony, but are still allowing those with a well known violent criminal past to continue calling the Winnemucca Indian Colony home. That decision clearly and explicitly reveals that safety is not a priority to the extent the Council has claimed.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for those who continue to fight this unjust action. I have had the honor and privilege to call them my neighbors, family and friends. I urge them to keep fighting and never give up. You are a resilient group of people with immense strength and will power just like our Native American ancestors. I support you with all my heart, as we are all one people. 

Respectfully submitted by Marcus Crutcher