As I sit here and write these lines I hear a roar across the sky above. I feel a vibration in the air that seems like some type of torn fabric of space.

I know its source. It's a man made thunder emanating from those modern flying war machines that are such a terror. However, they are not the enemy doing this.  They are supposed to be our highly trained forces of protection. They are the good guys. That's what I continually try to convince myself of.

They are the US Air Force practicing, pushing the envelope, playing war games or testing out advanced modern aircraft. It's very difficult to decipher the truth about what is really happening and why. 

It's all kept very much under wraps. If you try to research it you are liable to be led around in circles and may even be viewed as suspicious for questioning and wanting to find out the real story and motive for this hectic aviation activity. 

But it's our tax dollars they are using, abusing and wasting with their high flying adventures in the sky. We foot the bill for their multi million dollar fighter planes. 

We pay for the enormous quantities of aviation fuel they burn and blast off into the atmosphere. And what do we get in return? Intermittent bombardment of thunderous shock waves from the sky.

I have a big strong dog whom I love dearly. He is fearless when out hunting in the wild. But he cowers under my desk and is petrified by the rumbling vibration in the air when those terrifying bombers are flying overhead. He senses emanant danger and terror from the sky. 

Animals all over this rural county share his same torment. Humans, although less affected, are still stunned, shocked and intimidated by this intermittent arrogant intrusion into their otherwise simple and peaceful lives.

Military protection and national defense are supposed to be a benefit and solution for the citizens and taxpayers who fund them at enormous cost. I do not see them protecting and defending us here in rural Nevada. I see them as using and abusing the public trust. 

They have thousands and thousands of square miles of open desert to practice and play in here. After all the federal government still holds title to some eighty five percent of Nevada's territory. They don't have to harass and bombard our small town and few populated areas of this county. It appears to me they have strayed way off their mission.

Sane, rational and responsible people should have control over their environment. They should be able to keep it peaceful orderly and calm. This would most likely be the case here in our area but for the US military.

I talked with the friendly lady who is the clerk at our city hall here. 

I asked if the city council of our little town of one thousand souls could have any influence and possible success in complaining to the military and requesting that they ease up on their simulated bombing runs or whatever they are doing over our otherwise quiet, serene  and lovely town. She shook her head telling me they had tried many times but to no avail.

She did tell me however that there was something of a public relations office in Nellis   Air Force base in Las Vegas. She found me the phone number I could call with my personal complaint.

 I did call about a month ago and after being switched around many times I finally got to speak to a human. 

He took the details of my complaint as well as my phone number and email address. He promised to send my concerns up lines where the proper authorities would look into it, check it out and get back to me with a response.

Of course they never did.

It just goes to show how the military views civilians. It also shows how the government views it's citizens - As subjects.

It appears to me as a very unusual contrast. In this little hidden away corner of south eastern Nevada we share our unique and ever so special desert town lifestyle with that of the US military who are perfecting and testing weapons of death - Weapons of mass destruction.

But we dare not raise our voices or utter a complaint.

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