Dear Editor:

Even though Republican lawyers lost dozens of challenges to the fairness of the 2020 election, there are those who are still unconvinced. 

They think the former president won even after a popular vote loss of 7 million and an electoral college margin that Trump called a “landslide” when he won by the same number of delegates in 2016.

Indeed, Republican lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell may now be facing disbarment for outrageous fraud claims that a judge called “profound abuse” of the legal system. The civil trial of Dominion Voting vs. pillow guy Mike Lindell will allow him to produce any actual evidence of vote tampering.

A few die-hards may be even be hanging their hat on the flimsy hope that an unqualified and partisan company in Arizona, Cyber Ninjas, may find bamboo paper ballots sent in from China. The whole effort would be comical if it weren’t so expensive.

As a Washoe County election worker for four decades and Pershing County landowner, I have a suggestion: volunteer to work the 2022 election for your Churchill, Pershing or Humboldt registrar. The Washoe registrar is already taking applications for next year.

Even if there are no vacancies for work, you can still do your part for election integrity. Volunteer to be a poll watcher for your political party. Check the voting roster the day of the vote, and if a few of your friends haven’t voted yet, give them a nudge.

Put some effort into the process, see how things are done, and maybe you will not be crying foul if your candidate loses.

Fred Hinners