Patricia Bishop
Patricia Bishop
The world got a little darker on October 1, 2021 when Patricia Bishop lost her 8-year battle with breast cancer. 

Patricia was known for her immense strength and power to overcome, her contagious laugh, her loving and empathetic nature, and her ability to botch even the simplest of celebrity names. 

While no obituary can fully capture how incredible Patricia was in life, her family hopes to share some of what made her the most amazing person they’ve known.

Those who were fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to play against her in Words With Friends know that beneath her warm disposition is a formidable fighter who leverages her ferocity to support the people she loves, to fight pain and cancer in her body, and to rush to the coveted triple word square. 

Those who were privileged to know Patricia will miss the genuine care and kindness she exudes, along with her incredible sense of humor, that never wavered - even in the darkest of times.

She’s the person who would give (and often has given) her last dollar to someone in need. 

She went out of her way to make anyone feel special (she especially gravitated toward supporting those who needed it the most), and her inquisitive and nonjudgmental nature provided a safe haven for others to let their guard down and feel seen, loved, and respected by Patricia. 

She had a knack for making the most mundane tasks feel like an adventure. 

When she was young and healthy, she managed to make a walk to the park or a late-night jaunt to Taco Bell feel like a trip to Disneyland. 

As she got older, she turned rides to the grocery store into coveted events: her children can recall many fights among themselves over who got to take mom with them to run their errands.

Her ability to bring out joy in the simple parts of life may come from her idyllic childhood in Gold Acres and Battle Mountain, NV. 

She was famous for her stories retelling her childhood, and it was clear she always found happiness in life’s simple treasures: Listening to old Nancy Sinatra records, reveling at the cuteness of tiny sample lipsticks from Avon, listening in on the adults’ gossip, and faking sick so she could stay home and read “Pollyanna.”

Despite all of Patricia’s talents and charms, her biggest skill was as a parent.

Her children’s teachers all knew Patricia, as she always accompanied the class on field trips and regularly helped out in the classroom (quickly becoming a favorite chaperone of all the students). 

Many of her children’s friends considered her as a second mom. Even while pregnant with her youngest child, Patricia was awarded the “Team Mom” award by her sons’ little league team.

Now, Patricia’s physical pain and suffering are over, and she is free to join her late mother and father, Enid and Harry Bishop, along with her brothers Stephen and Pete Bishop.

She is survived (and greatly missed) by her children: Jonathon Bishop, Kamran Bishop-Moshfegh, Nicole Bishop, and Michelle Hammel; her two granddaughters in Spokane: Grace Bishop and Faith Bishop-Purkey, three grandchildren in California, her sister Kathy Ancho, and countless adoring fans.

Patricia dedicated hundreds of hours connecting people in need on In lieu of flowers, the family asks for others to offer help to a family on, and encourages others to enjoy a Venti black iced tea from Starbucks in her honor.