I read with dismay the article in the October 13 issue of the Humboldt Sun about a drive-through flu shot clinic that happened in Winnemucca on 29 September.  

The drive-through clinics is how I have received my flu shots for several years now and somehow I missed this one.  So I dug out my old issues for the Humboldt Sun – for September 8, September 15, September 22, and September 29. 

There was NO notice in those issues of a flu shot clinic.  The article has a statement by the Community Health Nurse that she wishes more people had gotten the shot.  Well, if this had been advertised so more people would have known about it then perhaps more people would have gotten the shot.  For sure, I would have.  Those of us who live in the outlying areas around Winnemucca, who rarely drive in to town, read the paper to learn about these things. 

Oleh Melnyk