We live with communications filled with buzzwords and catch phrases. 

Sometimes they are clever, but most of the time they are just a way to hide something no one really wants very much to explain.  

This is nowhere more applicable than in politics.  If people really looked behind the veil of some of these devices of obfuscation the politicians and their talking heads use, hoping they will obscure the meaning and consequences of their political agenda, some of the politician-incurred disasters we are forced to endure might be avoided.

We are currently standing by, waiting to see if we are going to be stuck with a multi-trillion dollar spending bill that will be added to the two passed supposedly for the purpose of staving off the economic effects of the Wuhan virus, as well as an infrastructure bill which is itself expected to cost in excess of $1.5/trillion. 

There is a catch phrase and a buzzword which seem to be in endless supply as we are being cajoled into accepting these massive government spending measures: “...their fair share” (catchphrase), “commonsense” (buzzword).

“...their fair share” is being used to create the justification for taxing those at the very upper levels of net worth, as well as corporations which have achieved a level of success which naturally makes them a target of socialistic highwaymen.  The spending is, of course, all for “commonsense” purposes.

The problem with the phrase is that no one can explain how “fair share” was determined, or what it is to be the “fair share” of.  When we stop to think about what is included in the thing for which this “fair share” is to be applied, that share is based on what someone wants to spend, then send out a bill for.

If you take your vehicle in to get worked on – let’s say to get the oil changed – you expect to pay whatever the sign says it will cost.  Suppose you go to pick up your car and the bill is +20% because yours is a luxury car.  You didn’t get anything extra done during your oil change but the garage decided that your fair share of keeping them in business is greater because you can obviously afford it, and they just put in a “free” yogurt bar that someone needs to pay for. 

Your “fair share” just added an extra 20% , and for something you didn’t need?

Make no mistake; none of these spending bills will be paid for before the legislation is passed, no matter whose bull gets gored.  Taxing the rich is just a head fake. 

The calculations that this source of income will generate the revenue promised are based 10-year speculations. These projections are, at best, Ouija board math, and at worst, a hoax. The middle class still pays.

But, and this is important, the legislation which makes up all the spending mentioned above, and the ways in which the money will be used to are simply “common-sense measures”.  Translation:  if you can’t see that what I am telling you is right and proper then you have no common sense.

There is also another facet to the “common-sense” buzzword.  It is a fact that common sense is an illusion.  Think about anything you consider to be common sense and you will soon realize that somewhere, somehow, you learned that thing you now refer to as common sense.  When the day comes that spending money you don’t have on things you have no right to, while expecting someone else to pay for it: when that is considered common sense your America no longer exists.

Spending for social programs that will only ensnare in a web of government dependency an even  greater portion of our population, paid for with money that does not exist, or only exists at gunpoint (the IRS being the ‘gun’ in this case):when that becomes common sense, the socialists will have won and American liberty ceases to matter.  

Soon the song will have become prophecy, “ tax the rich, feed the poor until there are no rich no more”.  And then who pays?

There is one defensive strategy at this point: for people to burn up the phone lines or e-mails to the websites of their elected representatives and tell them not to vote us into the poverty that awaits us if the Progressives (aka: socialists) succeed in pushing through their “common-sense” spending bills, paid for by “common-sense” funding measures, based on “fair share” revenue, as only they calculate it.