Items in the Court Docket are compiled from public records contained in the Union Township Justice Court and the Sixth Judicial District Court. The Humboldt Sun reports all felony hearings, misdemeanor convictions and dismissals for which the court releases information. When requested by the individual, the Sun will post the person’s mug shot with their court disposition. 



Justice Court

November 16

Susan Reed pleaded guilty to misdemeanor trespass and made a payment arrangement. 

Alexis Alcaraz was ordered to pay a $75 fine on a misdemeanor trespass charge. 

A misdemeanor charge of shipment out of district without brand inspection against Demar Harvey Dahl was dismissed on a motion by the DA’s office pursuant to a deferred prosecution agreement. 

Misdemeanor charges of dog at large first offense, rabies required first offense and dog license required first offense were dismissed on a motion by the DA’s office as a one time dismissal. 

Javier Hernan Ruiz was found not guilty of misdemeanor driving under the influence first offense at a bench trial. He was found guilty of misdemeanor tail lamps and the court ordered a $25 fine + $50 administrative assessment. 

A misdemeanor charge of basic speed 21 and over against Caoimhe Grau was amended to reflect 11-20 over limit and a $235 fine was ordered.