As of 7/2021 I relocated to Lovelock, NV a small town located 90 miles east of Reno, NV.

I purchased a 3-bedroom home and property here It’s a place where I’m calling home now, retired from my own business and a single senior I am becoming a gardener at home it is comforting / rewarding to grow my own fruits and vegetables not only healthier but controls the rising costs, my plans are to can and dehydrate what I grow and any extra hand out to the needy in my town.

Born in California 1959 back when CA, meant something besides Racism, Politics, Crime and Open Boarders, back when you could say hello to your neighbor without offending him or her not anymore.

This state was destroyed by Democrats and their beliefs in bad policies and high taxes killed this once great state.

I do see some encroachment here in NV with Democratic view’s spoiling this state as well, it’s too bad people are giving up on this country our families have fought and died for to become a Nation of dictatorship where one party Rules the country and no one’s opinion matters. 

I’m kinda glad I’m at this age I don’t wish to live and see what this country is becoming in just months after having a oil independence great jobs perfect economy and a way of life most citizens of every country want, only now coming here means more of what they ran from in their countries, the better life is no more here than there.

Bradley Stevens