When will the lies stop? Let’s really consider the following:

1. None of the vaccines are in the “experimental phase” and the data to determine efficacy already exists. Since this information is published widely, statements to the contrary are false information. ALL are proven safe and effective.

There was no “bait and switch”. “Comirnaty” (fully available in the U.S.) is simply the name given to the Pfizer vaccine after it was approved. Again, false and misleading information.

The covid Vaccines are indeed, vaccines. It says so on the web site she lists trying to convince you that what you are seeing isn’t real in the section where it says “Vaccines Authorized for Emergency Use or FDA-Approved”.

2. She states “Current trending indicates the Covid-19 injection does not prevent disease transmissibility.” Partially true. But the FDA and CDC have been very clear that masks and vaccination are the way out of this. If you wear masks, and the majority of the people get vaccinated, we can all eventually stop wearing masks. The vaccines have been proven to reduce the severity (and in many cases death) from Covid-19 infections. 

3. Natural immunity is not more effective. Where is that study? Facebook? “Natural Immunity” lasts from 3 to 61 months depending on severity of infection and other factors. It is recommended that you get vaccinated 3 months after infection. 

4. Mandate based on Politics? The fight against the vaccine is wholly based on politics. Don’t believe me? Ask the guy who pretended he didn’t have it, had to be hospitalized to stay alive, pretended it was the flu, quietly got the vaccine, then stated he won’t promote it because it might help the other side politically. His name is Donald Trump. Your 10th Amendment argument, maybe you should actually read it.

5. George Washington had his entire Army vaccinated against Small Pox hundreds of years ago. The precedent was set before he became our first President. It’s neither unconstitutional illegal or criminal. Your Nuremburg Code argument shown to be untrue. 

Awaiting your next months batch of disinformation patiently….

Tim Hahn