John David Matlock
John David Matlock
John David Matlock passed away on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2021, in Reno, NV, in the Reno VA hospital. 

John was born September 23rd, 1941 in Morgan City, LA, to Lela and Otto Matlock, with a younger brother, Robert “Mat”, who all preceded John in passing. 

Sorry Uncle Mat, we tried to keep him out of your hair as long as possible. 

After getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Physics, John served in the United States Army, which he credits for teaching him about computers, and which he put to good use in his career in business and computer sales. 

He lived in Salt Lake City, New York City, London, Boston, San Francisco and more before settling in Winnemucca in 2003. John bought a house on Railroad St. because he loved being able to walk to The Martin, and more importantly, to walk home.

He promptly filled his house with as many books and old computers from the thrift store as he could manage, on which he could tinker away for hours at a time, but leaves his family with a giant pile of crap to sort through. 

If anyone wants a computer monitor from 1994 or a book on engineering patents from 1881-1890, please let the family know. John loved to travel, was a voracious reader and wrote three hard science fiction novels during retirement.

He had an appetite for learning and loved challenging himself with new projects. John loved Harry Potter, David Weber books and WWII history. 

He founded the White Sage Theatre and frequented the Pleasant Senior Center. Those who loved him would call him charming, funny, smart and a stubborn SOB. 

When asked what he’d like in his obituary, he said “He died.” So at John’s request, and because he’d probably be pretty annoyed that we wrote so much already, we humbly and sadly say, “He died.”

John is survived by his longtime partner Kathryn McKinney, who somehow managed to put up with him and loved him without expectation or complication and daughter Victoria Matlock Fowler, who credits him with her own quest for knowledge and slightly ornery behavior. 

He is also remembered by Kathryn’s family, Craig (Rachel) and Steve Olsen, Peggy Biesinger, Devron (Stu), Allan and Robert (Tonja) McKinney and their families, and Victoria’s family, brother Keith John Matlock, husband Bradley Fowler and their daughter Luna Joy Fowler.

At John’s request, no services will be held. He’d much prefer you raise a glass to him the next time you’re enjoying Mexican food.