JJ Meyers (Pershing County JV boys basketball coach) takes his turn at bat.
JJ Meyers (Pershing County JV boys basketball coach) takes his turn at bat.
So far, Wolf Pack leads with a 4-0 record. But there’s plenty of adult softball season left. It lasts through the end of July.

Wolf Pack has competition from the defending champs, Thick N Wild. There’s also Modelo Time, Brew Crew, Weekend Warriors, Second Stringers, Smokin’ Aces and Goyo’s Garage.

Jake Bohan plays shortstop for Wolf Pack. His wife Jessica holds down second base. The couple has been playing at McDougal for five years, ever since the league began. Jessica is a police officer for the Lovelock Paiute Tribe. Jake owns a mobile tire service.

“We have a great time playing together and are always looking forward to the next season,” says Jake.

There are a plethora of high school coaches and assistant coaches on the field. JJ Meyers, the JV boys basketball coach, plays for Modelo Time. Jared Jensen, the league president, coaches baseball during the school year.

You never know who you’ll run into. Licha Paredes Romero is a general merchandise clerk at Safeway. On Thursday night she caught for Brew Crew. Steve Cochran is the 11th Judicial defense attorney. He plays for Wolf Pack this year.

Also, there are a record number of high school players on the field, just as league president Jared Jensen predicted. 

On Thursday night, Blake Burrows grinned as he headed to the dugout after a successful inning. He begins his senior year this fall.

They all seem to gel at McDougal Park every Monday and Thursday evening from 6 until 8 p.m. Spectators and children are welcome. 

The concession stand keeps cold drinks, hot dogs and burgers at the ready. 

Right: Blake Burrows and Licha Paredes Romero walk back to the dugout after a successful inning.